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Johnson Park Center Time Line

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1995 - November 14th - JCTOD Outreach, Inc. (JCTOD) moved into 26 Johnson Park-Cornhill Utica, NY 13501.

1996 - May - To reach out further and help needy families fight hunger and food insecurity, JCTOD opens a Food Pantry at 26 Johnson Park.

1996 - August - JCTOD opens the warm season outdoor neighborhood basketball playground providing a safe place for many neighborhood youth and sponsoring wholesome activities during the summer months with a snack with a in-kind labor, donations, from the community with substantial renovations of 26 Johnson Park & installation of the new Basketball Playground. Oneida County Youth Bureau gave JCTOD its 1st Youth Program Grant.

1996 - September - JCTOD receives a City of Utica Home grant for the renovation of 1402 West Street.

1996 - October - JCTOD is awarded a grant from the New York State Housing and Homeless Assistance Program (HHAP), City of Utica, Enterprise Foundation & Community Foundation to develop Permanent Supportive Housing for low-income homeless women and families with special needs.

1996 - December - Community Foundation gave start-up grant for transitional housing program & Workforce Development/OC DSS community computer program.

1997 - June - JCTOD opened a transitional housing program for women with substance abuse/mental health disabilities who desired to be re-united with their children at 1402 West Street.

1997 - August - JCTOD received a City of Utica Home Grant for the renovation of 1404 West Street that was used in 1998 as a Home for Children while their mothers were in treatment.

1998 - March - JCTOD also took title of 17 Johnson Park from the City of Utica to be used as a part of the JPA I project, and 1406 West Street which is an overflow play area for the Youth Center.

1998 - September - JCTOD expanded the Youth Program to a year-round indoor/outdoor Youth Enrichment Center providing recreation, education and life skill training that promoted literacy, learning and school success and also provides the necessary discipline to enable youth to strive and achieve positive life goals. Transportation home and healthy snack-meals were also provided.

1999 - January - JCTOD became a member agency of Food Bank of Central NY and we re-located the Food Pantry moved to 1404 West Street. The JCTOD Food Pantry was and is the only facility in the City of Utica open in the evenings.

2001 - Community Foundation served as convener to bring the community together to assist in the re-structuring of JCTOD and awarded JCTOD 2 pro-active grants.

2001 - April - JCTOD received its first City of Utica Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) for our Youth Program.

2001 - April - With a lot of help from Cornell Cooperative Extension of Oneida County, and farmers in the Watertown area, JCTOD opens the Let's Grow Community Garden at 1409-11 West Street, where children can grow their own fruits and vegetables to take home.

2001 - April JCTOD introduced to the Community at the Johnson Park Christmas in April 2001 the start of its Leadership Development Training for youth ages 9-14. The "Youth Voice Initiative" encourages and trains young people to speak up and be leaders and positive role models. The Youth Voice Initiative encourages other youth not to use tobacco, illegal drugs, or alcohol and to resist crime, not to become members of gangs and youth violence.

2002 - November - JCTOD received through the United Way its 1st Emergency Food & Shelter Program Grant Award.

2003 - May - After many years of project development JCTOD opens Johnson Park Apartments (JPA) I at 19 Johnson Park. This former drug house is now home to 6 units of Permanent Supportive Housing.

2003 - Working with the Homeownership Center Weed and Seed Program, JCTOD pioneers Utica's First Youth Block Association, which empowers youth to be actively involved in the revitalization of their neighborhood. JCTOD is named the Youth Safe Haven for this comprehensive community crime prevention strategy. We also partnered to further develop the JPC Youth Voice Initiative Program.

2004 - JCTOD opens Oneida County's first family shelter, where traditional and non-traditional low-income families can be referred by the Oneida County Department of Social Services to stay together during a crisis. We accept families of any composition.

2004 - JCTOD receives another grant from HHAP, City of Utica, the Enterprise Foundation, Community Foundation to create 3 additional units of permanent supportive housing (JPA II) at 15 Johnson Park. JCTOD also purchased 13 Johnson Park from the City of Utica as part of the development site.

2005 - JCTOD receives additional support from the City of Utica, Bank of Utica & Community Foundation to develop 6 more units (JPA III) located 16 Johnson Park -18 Johnson Park and 201 Square Street.

2005 - JCTOD becomes an official Youth Feeding Site under the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) of the New York State Department of Health, allowing us to server nutritious meals to children each day of our Youth Center.

2005 - November - Cornerstone Community Church (CCC) of New York Mills partnered with JCTOD to reach out to the poor & needy in the Cornhill/Utica with their 1st of many projects with the installation of a kitchen on the 2nd Floor on 1402 West Street for the Emergency Family Shelter.

2006 - In partnership with the Oneida County Workforce Investment Board, JCTOD launches the Second Chance Program, offering ongoing advocacy, mentoring/life coaching, focus and support groups, and pre & post employment opportunities for ex-offenders and Cornhill residents.

2006 - JCTOD begins offering transportation services for families to help remove barriers to treatment, family reunification, and dealing with the smaller needs of daily life.

2006 - With funding from the Utica National Foundation, JCTOD launches the "LeapFrog" early literacy and technological training program, with components both at home and at the Youth Center to help Cornhill children prepare for success in school and in life.

2006 - JCTOD received its first grant from the United Way of Greater Utica for our Youth Program.

2006 - JCTOD receives a grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Compassion Capital Fund to build Development and Asset Management Capacity in the area of homeless services.

2006 - December - JCTOD is pleased to announce the opening of JPA II, located at 15 Johnson Park, with a gala event and ribbon cutting.

2007 - With support from the New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance and the United Way of Greater Utica, JCTOD begins to offer a Family Specialist Development Program, working with the residents of JPA to reach out and strengthen families, build home living skills, and prevent family violence and neglect.

2007- JCTOD receives second Compassion Capital Fund grant to build capacity in the area of youth services.

2007 - JCTOD receives a grant from the NYS HHAP, City of Utica & Enterprise Community Partners to create 8 one-bedroom, and/or efficiency units to provide permanent supportive housing for chronically homeless women without children who have mental health as a primary disability. This program will reach out especially those living in shelters, hotels/motels, recently released out of jail and living on the streets. It will be known as JPA IV.

2007 - Poncell Construction, Inc. provided in-kind labor, C. Lewis Tomaselli Architects in-kind architectural services and Utica National Group Foundation a grant award for the extreme makeover of the 26 Johnson Park 3 Front Porches Project.

2007 - JCTOD Outreach, Inc. officially adopts the DBA of "Johnson Park Center" ("JPC" for short) to clarify for a wider audience our mission, values, and service area, as well as to emphasize our separation from the JCTOD Church (The Lord Jesus Christ Tabernacle of David, Inc.)

2007 - JPC CEO received the Robert Esche Save of the Day Foundation "Bobby Page Award".

2008 - January - The CCC who moved to Oneida Square-Utica provided in-kind labor and The Utica National Foundation awarded the 5 Johnson Park Roofing & Renovation Grant for the Emergency Shelter/ Program Service Bldg for Mohawk Valley Community Action Agency.

2008 - February - JPC was designated as a Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO). JPC purchased with a grant from the City of Utica Home Program, 1420 West Street and 210-212 Arthur Street. This was a major victory as, finally the slumlord, drug dealers and gang leaders no longer lived on that corner. Two years earlier there were two young men killed at 1420 West Street. We hope that this corner will now change to be a place of hope.

2008 - April - JPC received its 1st City of Utica Emergency Shelter Grant Program Award.

2008 - August - Ms. Lori D. Dougall, a JPA Two-year Alumni Graduate received the 1st JPC Community Service Award.

2008 - October - JPA I, II, III was honored as the "2008 Upstate Supportive Housing Residence of the Year" by the Supportive Housing Network of New York.

2009 - April - received the "Community Impact Award" from the Community Foundation of Herkimer & Oneida Counties and was funded with 8 passengers & 15 passengers Van.

2009 - August - JPC had the Grand Opening of JPA IV located at 1414-16 West Street and 1420 West Street serving chronic homeless single women without children. We also had the Dedication of the Ricky Powell and Brian West Memorial Plaza on the corner of Arthur & West Street. Poncell Construction, Inc. provided in-kind labor, C. Lewis Tomaselli Architects in-kind architectural services and City of Utica grant award.

2009 - August - Ms. Joyce Grenicko, OC Title V Senior Worker & JPC volunteer received the 2nd JPC Community Service Award.

2009 - October - JPC received a three-year grant through the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Homelessness Prevention Rapid Re-Housing (HPRP)

2009 - December - JPC received working in partnership with Hage & Hage, Green Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Consulting Services and C. Lewis Tomaselli Architects a planning grant from the Community Foundation to create & develop the JPC Green Community Project Master Plan that includes Multi-Purpose Childcare & Family Center, the Energy Technology & Maintenance Facility and all JPC properties become Green LEED Certified.

2010 - JPC working in partnership with the Workforce Investment Board served as the Oneida County YouthBuild worksite and Utica National Group Foundation gave a grant award for construction materials in order that Cornhill/Utica youth received hands on work experience in the construction trades.

2010 - Febrary - JPC received a grant from the NYS HHAP, City of Utica & Enterprise Community Partners to create 8 one-bedroom, and/or efficiency units to provide green LEED Certified permanent supportive housing for chronically homeless women without children who have mental health as a primary disability. This program will reach out especially those living in shelters, hotels/motels, recently released out of jail and living on the streets. It will be known as JPA V.

2010 - July - JPC received its 1st US Department of Housing (HUD) Continuum of Care (CoC) Supportive Housing Program (SHP) to serve JPA IV Chronically Homeless Single Females without children.

2010 - August - JPC held its 1st Wedding in Johnson Park with the Bride Ms. Melissa Green a JPA Program Participant walking down the sidewalk to the Fountain to the Groom, Mr. Christopher Prest on Sunday August 1st to become man & wife. Mr. & Mrs. Prest reception was incorporation with the JCTOD Church 15th Anniversary Celebration with Dinner, Meeting and Gospel Concert.

2010 - August - Ms. Nancy E. Wolfe, A Utica School District Teacher, JPC Board Member & JPC volunteer, a JCTOD Elder and the Children Church Leader received the 3rd JPC Community Service Award.

2011 - April - JPC received its 2nd HUD CoC SHP to serve JPA V Chronically Homeless Single Females without children.

2011 - May - JPC/JCTOD Church CEO & Founder was the Colgate University, Hamilton NY 2011 Baccalaureate Speaker and she received an Honorary Degree of Divinity.

2011 - July - JPC had the groundbreaking ceremony for JPA V and a ribbon-cutting event for a new home built with donations & kind-in labor from businesses, contractors, organizations and individual supporters from the ground up built by through the leadership & giving of the Robert Esche Save of the Day Foundation for JPC CEO/Founder & JPC COO.

2011 - August - Mr. Troy Ensley a JPC volunteer received the 4th JPC Community Service Award.

2011 - September - Dr. Andy Lopez-Williams, Licensed Clinical Psychologist and President and Clinical Director of ADAD & Autism Psychological Services and Advocacy (AAPSA) agreed to and is currently on the JPC staff as at the JPC Director of Clinical Operations & NYS Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) Director.

2011 - October - JPC CEO received the Genesis Group, Utica NY "2011 Joseph R. Carucci Community Appreciation Award."

2011 - December - JPC received special Food Pantry grants from the Community Foundation & United Way to feed the hunger and food in-security of the working poor.

2012 - March - Clients moved into JPA V located at 1418 West Street and 210 Arthur Street for chronic homeless single women without children. This is JPC 1st Green LEED Certified Housing Project.

2012 - May - We began on a regular mailing of The JPC Express E-newsletter focused on keeping our partners & friends informed as well as highlighting all of the positive changes that continues to happen at JPC.

2012 - July - JPC hosted its inaugural Kicking In New Dreams (KIND) Kickball Tournament to teach & with practical hands on application learned discipline to follow rules, teamwork, leadership skills, and be accountable for goal-setting to achieve their positive life goals. JPA women & Staff member on the JPC Relations Team did the coordination, coaching & planning for this tournament and fundraising for the Annual Weeklong Youth Olympics.

2012 - July - JPC and Resource Living of Independent Living (RCiL) received the American with Disabilities (ADA) 22nd Anniversary Proclamation Award from the City of Utica.

2012 - July - JPC had Grand Opening & Ribbon JPA5, the 1st LEED Platinum Certified Residential Safe & Supportive Residential Homes in Upstate New York, the 62st in the state of New York and the 1046 LEED-Platinum Certified Project worldwide.

2012 - July - JPC & Cornerstone Community Church was honored and privileged to sponsor & officiate at the 2nd Wedding in Johnson Park for JPA Two-year Alumni Graduate Ms. Lori Dougall and Luis Cruz on Fri July 27, 2012. The wedding reception was held on a JPC property on West Street beside the beautiful JPC Community Garden.

2012 - August - Ms. Kim Wilson, JPA Chronically Homeless Women Program Graduate, and a Full-Time Volunteer as JPC Shelter Manager and JPA Development Specialist received the 5th JPC Community Service Award.

2012 - October - Ms. Antoinette Marie Carter JPC 1st two year Alumni Graduate (Year 2005) of Johnson Park Apartments (JPA) died October 27, 2012 at St. Elizabeth Hospital at the age of 45 with heart problems and other medical complications. The Funeral Service was held on November 2, 2012 at the Nun & McGrath Funeral Home. JPC hosted the family & friend gathering afterwards at JPC Headquarters- Community Activities & Youth Center to share with a meal & fellowship together and to celebrate the life & memory of Ms. Carter.

2012 - October - JPC received a two-year grant award for the Reintegration of Ex-Offenders (RexO) from the Workforce Investment Board to provide job club services to women returning to the community from incarceration.

2013 - January - JPC administered the City of Utica Emergency Solutions Grant Rapid Re-Housing Security Deposit Program for Utica Homeless individuals & families.

2013 - May - Rev. Dr. Scates received the Mohawk Valley Community Action Agency (MVCAA) "2013 Treva Wood Community Activist Award' at the MVCAA Champions Luncheon on May 9th, 2013.

2013 - July - This was the third time, the chimes of wedding bells rang in Johnson Park on Friday July 26, 2013 to the matrimonial vows taken by Ms. Laura A. Copperwheat, a JPA Two-year Alumni Graduate and Mr. Timothy Parry a JPC volunteer. As a part of their country-style theme wedding, after saying "I do": the newly married couple rode on a farming tractor to wedding reception on West Street beside the beautiful JPC Community Garden.

2013 - July - JPC received the NYS Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) Chemical Dependence Operating Certificate on July 15, 2013. We had the Dedication Ceremony for Certified JPA Supportive Housing Living Services Program Facility located at 19 Johnson Park on July 25, 2013 at the Mohawk Valley Housing & Homeless Coalition Meeting & JPC Positive Change & Accomplishments at the JPC 18th Year Week of Celebration.

2013 - August - Mr. Tyrone Pitts a JPC Second Chance Graduate, JPC Staff member and volunteer serving as the Driver, Outreach, Security & Grounds Worker and Food Pantry Coordinator received the 6th JPC Community Service Award.

2013 - December - NYS Office of General Services Commissioner Roann Destito and Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi bring Christmas joy to JPC with warm winter coats for the children.

2014 - March - Rev. Dr. Scates received the CNY Business Journal News Network and BizEventz Non Profit Career Achievement Award.

2014 - November - JPC received a grant from the Utica National Foundation Fund, a donor advised grant through the Community Foundation to develop a Family Enrichment Program as a method to prepare children ages 3-5 years for entry into kindergarten through the use of technology and hands-on learning.

2014 - July - Ms. Dawn Muldoon, BSW/CASAS began working at JPC as our 1st Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor as Clinical Director/Resident Manager.

2014 - August - JPC 2014 Community Service Award was given to Ms. Doreen Ralph, graduate of the 2nd Chance Program and volunteer at the JPC Family Emergency Shelter.

2015 - January - Grand Opening of JPC's Head, Hand, & Heart (HHH) Family Enrichment Program at 26 Johnson Park 2nd Floor thanks to the Utica National Group Foundation Fund, a donor-advised fund of the Community Foundation of Herkimer & Oneida Counties.

2015 - February - Rev. Dr. Scates was honored as a Community Advocate by the County of Oneida, the City of Utica and the Watson Williams Elementary School Program Committee.

2015 - March - SUNY Polytechnic Institute's Psychology and Sociology Club in conjunction with the West Indian and African Club and the Veteran Club hosted its 12th Annual Benefit Dinner Friday at Daniele's Banquet in New Hartford in honor of JPC's constant commitment to positive change for the past 20 years! The total amount raised was $14,000.

2015 - April - Commercial about JPC's HHH Program aired on local news networks.

2015 - May - JPC received Food Bank of CNY's Community Impact Award.

2015 - May - JPC's Food Pantry reached 1,000,000 meals served! A special giveaway and event celebrated the milestone.

2015 - May - Rev. Dr. Scates was one a honoree at the Leadership Mohawk Valley 25th Anniversary Celebration and received during the "Challenge the Process" award, in recognition of her hard work and dedication to the Johnson Park-Cornhill community over the past 20 years!

2015 - August - Ms. Fran Thayer successfully completed the JPA Chronically Homeless Single Women Program, a Recovery Coach Graduate, co-founder of "Women do Recover"  NA Group, Chef & Security Coordinator received the 8th JPC Community Service Award.

2015 - December - JPC received grant funding from NYS Homeless Housing and Assistance Program and the City of Utica for JPA VI to create Eight Housing First Green-Platinum LEED Certified apartments for Special Needs Homeless Single Females.

2016 - April - JPC received the "John J. Wilma B. Sinnott Conservation Award" for its dedication to the Preservation of Earth Natural Resources with JPC Green LEED Initiative.

2016 - June - Governor Cuomo created and selected Rev. Dr. Scates to be a member of the NY State-Wide Interagency Council of Homelessness to Guide Policy that will arrive at cross-cutting common sense solutions to provide safe, clean shelters, supportive housing and services to the homeless.

2016 - August - Ms. Susan Hendrickson, a Two-Year JPA Chronically Homeless Single Women Alumni Graduate, a Graduate and Coordinator of the 2nd Chance Program, the Events Administrative Coordinator and Statistic Administrator recieved the 9th year JPC Community Service Award.