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Utica National Insurance Group Foundation, Inc. Joins Positive Change

Sunday, December 15th, 2013

UTICA, NY December 15, 2013 – Thanks to the philanthropy of a local business, mothers and their children will be given the help they need at Johnson Park Center (JPC).

JPC staff and some of its newest program participants welcomed Utica National Insurance Group's Chairman of the Board and CEO J. Douglas Robinson to thank him and his company for its generosity with the JPC Clinical Staff Start-Up Grant Award of $46,940. This reflects the cost for the first six months of operations that is associated with hiring and training staff, and initial planning and implementation of clinical programming associated with the New York State Office of Alcoholism & Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) Supportive Living Services Program.

Dr. Andy Lopez-Williams, P.H.D, is the JPC Director of Clinical Operations & OASAS Resident Manager, Licensed Clinical Psychologist & 10 years of Substance Abuse Counseling of JPC Johnson Park Apartments (JPA). Dr. Lopez and the OASAS Clinical Staff will direct psychological and therapeutic services for addicted dual diagnosed mothers and their children for JPC's NYS OASAS Certified Facility & Program. This is the first OASAS Certified Program for addicted mothers & children in Utica, Oneida County & the Mohawk Valley in Upstate NY.

The success of the OASAS Supportive Living Services Program at JPC is critically dependent upon recruiting a team of highly qualified staff members who have acquired the essential clinical, educational and experience credentials to be able to best meet the service needs of all clients.

The new program, launched in November, is certified to provide OASAS services to six families; already has four families enrolled in the OASAS Program. It is designed to help mothers to recover from drugs without having to go to an inpatient substance abuse treatment program that often causes the mothers to have to leave and be separated from their children. The children will also receive services to help the them and their mother recover from the trauma that drug and substance abuse, mental & behavioral health disabilities, domestic/family violence and/or other co-occurring disorders inflicted on their family.

In the Photo from from Left to right
Row 1: Ms. Genier, Rev. Dr. Scates, Nyemah Moore, Rev. Meier
Row 2: Dr. Lopez-Williams, Mr. J.Douglas Robinson, Mr.Turi, Ms. Gruchy, Mr. Phillips

This News Article was written by Mr. Marques Phillips, JPC Public Relations/Media Coordinator

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