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St Anthony Church & JPC Youth Center Annual Christmas Celebration

Monday, December 15th, 2014

Annual Christmas Celebration

What: Johnson Park Center (JPC)Youth Center & St. Patrick's – St. Anthony's of Chadwicks, East Utica Oneida, Franklin and New Hartford Christmas Celebration

When: Friday, December 12, 2014

Where: 26 Johnson Park-Cornhill, Utica

UTICA, NY -- For some of the children at Johnson Park Center, Dec. 12th will mark the most Christmas presents they will ever gotten. For others, Christmas at Johnson Park Center is as much a part of the holiday as reindeer and carols. For them all, it will be a day in which they receive presents and memories they wouldn't have been given otherwise.

Johnson Park Center (JPC) & St. Patrick's-St. Anthony's of Chadwicks, East Utica, Oneida, Franklin and New Hartford Christmas Celebration at the Johnson Park Center has become an early December tradition. The St's Anthony's Church teenagers volunteered and came to Johnson Park Youth Center to interact for the JPC children and selected, purchased and gave Christmas presents to 53 inner-city children.

The children are regular attendees at Johnson Park's Youth Center. It's a diverse group of kids from ages 3-16 years old including children who are JPC residents, children from the neighborhood, and youth from around the city.

The Celebration included:

  • Christmas Oriented Activities (Coloring/Crafts)
  • Sing-A-Long Christmas Carols
  • Christmas Dinner
  • Children Receiving and Opening Christmas Presents that were purchased by the St. Anthony Church Youth.
  • In addition, JPC and our funding partners will give the children presents and provided for the Christmas Dinner-the United Way, the City of Utica, OC Youth Bureau, Utica National Group Foundation, the Food Bank, the Bank of Utica, and supporters.

This is truly a demonstration of God's love to children who are less fortunate and it is an opportunity for the urban and suburban community to share Christmas together. If you have any questions, comments, or need additional information, please contact Ms. Caitlyn Copfer, Media Coordinator at 315-941-0820 or e-mail Ms.Lockwood at

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