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DECEMBER NEWSLETTER: Positive News from Johnson Park Center!

Monday, December 29th, 2014

Welcome to the 2014 YEAR END JPC Newsletter! Designed to share the people, events, and good news from the heart of Utica, NY - Cornhill.
Positive change IS happening here!

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MaNovember 14th is a very special marker in Johnson Park-Cornhill history - it is the day, 19 years ago,that Rev. Dr. Scates signed the deed to 26 Johnson Park and officially began the transformation of the neighborhood.

What has been accomplished in these years?

TThe Park is relatively free of trash - children can play in the Park without finding crack baggies or used needles. Buildings have been renovated. Children receive hot meals and are off of streets. Utica's first Family Shelter allows famil ies to remain together when faced with homelessness. A Food Pantry allows families to supplement their incomes. Drugs and violence are no longer inextricably linked with Johnson Park.

Looking for concrete evidence? Try these numbers:

  • To date, JPC has received over 9 million dollars for capital projects.
  • In 2014, a total of 1,650 (unduplicated) children were reached during our summer session for the Drop-In Youth Center and events, including the Say No to Drugs Party in June, the Week of Celebration in July, and the Back to School Party in August.
  • As of November 2014, 4015 (unduplicated) households utilized the JPC Food Pantry to supplement their incomes.

19 years is a long time for the Park and its residents. For good to happen here, the community has to continue to believe in the goodness, the positivity. They have to believe that the change is real, that the change is for the better.

In this community, 19 years means a safe place for children to play. 19 years means consistent meals. 19 years means a home. 19 years means a second chance.

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Looking Ahead to 2015

As 2014 comes to a close, JPC looks forward to the celebrations of positive change in the year to come!

For many Johnson Park - Cornhill residents, the celebrations at JPC are the only family-friendly activities they are able to attend each year. The events, activities, and giveaways are entirely free - we give our community access to experiences that otherwise would never be available to them.

In truth, no numbers can account for the lives touched by JPC each day - the tangible evidence of positive change lies in the success of the adults, children, and families who enter our safe and supportive living programs, participate in the Drop-In Youth Center, reach out to our Food Pantry, attend the Summer Events, and volunteer their own time to the Park. The successes, the triumphs over tragedies, the lives rebuilt - the stories are our proof.

And we need your help to continue this positive change!

Any Year End donations are greatly appreciated, and you can donate with the satisfaction that YOU are making a positive change in the Cornhill community. Donations are tax deductible and we will be happy to send a receipt!

Donations may be made by check, through the JPC webpage (with a PayPal account) OR you can make a donation through your purchases...just follow the links below!

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