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Positive change continues at Johnson Park!

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Johnson Park Center (JPC) opened its 20th summer season with the Say No to Drugs Party on Monday, June 15, 2015!

Thursday, June 18th, 2015

Onstage, Rev. Dr. Scates, D.D. addressed the community with encouragement, positivity, and memories of years past. This year, JPC celebrates 20 years in Johnson Park-Cornhill – a special milestone for this community, which has transformed from a desolate graveyard of drugs, violence, and broken lives into a safe haven for women, children, and the community at large who wish to change their lives and make a positive contribution to society.

The games and activities for children included a coloring contest, pogo stick contests, races around the park, and a raffle. Meanwhile, the adults were able to participate in the free food giveaway – pizza, tomatoes, cheez-its, meal kits, cranberries,  drinks, etc,,, were available for the community.

JPC urges community members to constantly strive to improve their circumstances – and faithfully celebrates accomplishments.

Two special ceremonies did just that during the event: the Recovery Coach Graduation and the Head, Hand and Heart (HHH) Recognition Ceremony (for families participating in the HHH Family Enrichment Program). Mrs. Kimberly Hemphill, Ms. Danyelle Kampf and Ms. Frances H Thayer, attended and completed the CCAR Recovery Coach Academy in order to better help those in the community who struggle with addiction and are going through the recovery process.  Community families were honored during the HHH Recognition Ceremony for the progress that has been achieved since the opening of the program in January 2015. Community children ages 3-5 years develop their literacy, learning, and school readiness success through the use of technology and hands-on, practical learning in a collaborative learning environment.

Both beautiful ceremonies emphasized JPC's commitment to progress, growth, and positive change within the community!  JPC is so thankful to our sponsors in part: the Utica National Group Foundation. Inc. Fund Donor-advised funds of the of the Community Foundation of Herkimer & Oneida Counties, the United Way of the Valley and Greater Utica, The Food Bank of Central New York, The Oneida County Youth Bureau, The City of Utica Community Development Block Grant, Bank of Utica, NBT Bank, Home Depot, Walmart- Marcy & New Hartford, other businesses, churches, individual supporters, numerous community volunteers to include JPC/JPA program participants and staff.

The 20 Year Celebration will continue July 20-26, during JPC's Week of Celebration, with many special attractions!

Say No To Drugs