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The JPC 20th JPC Weeklong Youth Olympics, Ceremonies/Graduations

Monday, July 20th, 2015

The JPC 20th JPC Weeklong Youth Olympics, Ceremonies/Graduations

An Open Invitation to All Media & the Community

The JPC 20th JPC Weeklong Youth Olympics, Ceremonies/Graduations

Monday, July 20, 2015 thru Saturday July 25, 2015
in Johnson Park Cornhill-Utica, NY


On behalf of the JCTOD Outreach, Inc. (dba) Johnson Park Center (JPC) Youth Programs & the JPC Homeless & Chronically Homeless Safe & Supportive Housing Programs (JPA), we are inviting you to our 20th Year Weeklong Mini & Main Youth Olympics with Ceremonies & Graduations. Starting Mon, Ju1 20 thru Fri, Jul 24 @ 5pm to 8pm, we will have the Mini Youth Olympics with 4rd KIND Kickball Tournament with Life Skills Training and Award Ceremony. On Saturday Sat Jul 25 will be the Main Youth Olympics with the 4rd Year KIND Kickball Final Competition and Awards Ceremony with all 1st winners receiving trophies and the Johnson Park Apartments (JPA) Graduation. This event is being sponsored in part by the US HUD Supportive Housing Program, New York State Supportive Housing Program, The Oneida County Youth Bureau, The City of Utica Community Development Block Grant, the Utica National Group Foundation Inc. Fund-a donor advised fund of the of the Community Foundation of Herkimer & Oneida Counties, the United Way of the Valley and Greater Utica, The Food Bank of Central New York, Bank of Utica, NBT Bank, Home Depot, Walmart- Marcy & New Hartford, Holland Farms, friends & supporters of JPC. JPC & JCTOD Week of Celebration Flyer is attached.

The Festivities will include:

  • Free Food and Free Activities all week starting with the Mini Youth Olympics Mon Jul 20 thur Fri Jul 24 @ 5pm to 8pm the KIND Kickball Tournament and competitions such as jump rope, track races, aerobics, an eating contest, and a Pogo jumping contest. Children will be able to play in JPC's inflatable bouncy house and obstacle course. There will be other games and activities for children and adults! In addition there will be Life Skills/Empowerment Training & Awards Ceremony daily and a Life Skills Graduation on Fri Jul 24.
  • Free Food Giveaway Mon., July 20 and Tues., July 21 @5pm-8pm
  • Free Buildings Supply Giveaway Saturday, July 25 @ 2pm-8pm
  • The first 400 people to register & sign at Main Youth Olympics on Sat Jul 25 with receive a FREE JPC Tee-shirt. Parents/caregivers must register & sign in all children under 18 years old.There will also be in celebration of JPC in the community for 20 years "Special 20th year Anniversary Attractions"!
  • JPC/JPA Program Participants and Staff along with the JPC Youth Program Leadership Group-the Youth Voice Initiative- will share their reasons why they do not use drugs or participate in any illegal activities. We will encourage the community to embrace peace, love, and unity and actively demonstrate that Positive Change continues to happen in Cornhill and in Utica.
  • The JPA graduation of program participants in the Johnson Park Apartments Safe & Supportive Housing Women & Children's Program & the Chronically Homeless Single Women. The 5 Alumni Graduates have successful completed two years at JPA in the focus areas of Participation, Respect, Independent Living Skills, Single & Family Life Home Management Skills, and Interpersonal Relationships.
  • Daily Awards Ceremony to congratulate the Youth Olympics winners and on Saturday is the Final Completion Awards Ceremony with all 1st place winners will receive a Trophy.

If you would like to have more information please contact:
Ms. Copfer at (315) 941-0820 or e-mail at
Ms. Tucker at (315) 734-9608

PS - Other Week of Celebration Activities includes: Kids Kamp for King Kings Jul 20-24 Mon-Fri 12 noon to 5pm; Sun Jul 25@ 2pm-8 pm. Kids Kamp Graduation, Family Day Banquet/ Children & Family Dedication Ceremony/ JCTOD & JPC Birthday Party/Seed of Hope Clean Time Celebration.