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We Did It Again! Drive-Thru Food Pantry a Success

Wednesday, April 15th, 2020

It was another successful Drive-Thru Food Pantry on April 13th, as Johnson Park Center (JPC) volunteers with generous support from the Food Bank of Central New York (FBCNY) and volunteers from the Carbone Auto Group, Carbone ACV, and Carbone GMC helped disperse food for disadvantaged individuals and families. 

Starting on the corner of Arthur and West streets, cars lined up at food stations where volunteers, wearing protective gear including face masks, handed out food items to 880 households! Food items includes fresh fruit (apples) and produce (cabbage), canned items, coffee creamer, eggs, chicken, fish, and other meat products, and cheese per household. 

During this challenging time of the pandemic, by fighting hunger and food insecurity, the JPC drive-thru food giveaway provides a stepping stone to self-sufficiency. Learn more about our previous Drive-Thru Food Giveaways at

View the full photo album from this event on Facebook.